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            About Us
             Shanghai super li plastic technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in polymer Polycarbonate (PC) plate product research and development, production and sales, the introduction of Italy's most advanced UNION coextrusion equipment, its products using the world's leading corporate America (GE), Germany (BAYER), Japan (teijin) polymer engineering plastic PC (Polycarbonate) as raw materials, the introduction of production technology in Taiwan. All production line automation and microcomputer control, produced by the sun plate, endurance plate has high transparency, light weight, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, aging resistance, resistance to ultraviolet ray, also called safety glass or bulletproof glass, transparent steel laudatory name, by the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center testing, according to GB8624-1997 standards, products meet flame retardant B1 level combustion performance. Has passed the European Union RoHS, ISO9001:2008, GB/T 116-2012/8624-116, GA 422-2008, building materials CNAS and fire prevention, explosion proof and so on many countries and international certification. Is the country with the most advanced production technology and the company in the industry one of the most beautiful enterprise environment.

            Super beautiful PC board is widely used in modern commercial building inside and outside decoration, decoration, the greenhouse canopy, highways and city highway noise barriers, billboard advertising, advertising light boxes and display exhibition layout, which is one of the most ideal engineering plastics.

            Sunshine board. Main products: PC board PC endurance. PC frosted panel. PC particle board. PC multilayer sunshine board. PC droplets greenhouse special sunshine board. PC wave plate. PC light shade. FRP plate. PMMA acrylic products.

            A, enterprise nature

            Shanghai li plastic technology co., LTD., is a PC (polycarbonate plate production and sales enterprises. Companies with excellent management and strong technical force, with high quality of multi-level series sun plate products, perfect after-sales service to win the domestic and foreign customers consistent praise highly.

            Second, the corporate mission

            The faith of \"the most, the most reliable quality, perfect service\", we sincerely provide you with from design, production, installation and after-sales service sheet systemic application solutions.

            Third, corporate philosophy


            Super beautiful to \"become the most concern, respect, and the world in the same industry leading enterprise\" for the enterprise vision; Adhere to the \"integrity, passion, responsibility, fusion\" spirit of enterprise; Stick to the \"customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of\" business philosophy; Efforts to achieve \"quality into legend, the good faith achievement future\" enterprise dream!!!!! \"Quality unbounded boundless, enterprising\" as the goal, commitment and industry colleagues work together, create brilliant!