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            Industry news
            The benefits of PC sunshine threatening the greenhouse flowe
            發布日期:2014-05-03 21:54    點擊:次日

            Sunshine board manufacturers often use at the moment of greenhouse covering materials first glass, the sunshine board and thin film, compared to the three sunshine board heat preservation function of the most exciting. Compared with glass cover material, sunshine plate has long service life, good insulation, heat insulation ability is strong, the price is suitable for strengths, particularly in the northern region has a strong usability. The sunshine board also has the choice of ultraviolet (uv) for sexual function through.

            But because the sunshine board material within the hole structure is not afford to clean, like yellow, light transmittance attenuation fast mistakes such as the fallacy, makes a lot of labor to high light flower growers can only be "away" on it. Yang plate with its excellent heat preservation and heat insulation function has been gradually used in more modern greenhouse, compared with the glass and other low efficiency of greenhouse covering materials, sunshine board greenhouse unit energy consumption is the lowest, more shallow glass greenhouse 50% less energy consumption.

            Sunshine board light transmittance can reach 91%, adopted the improved freedom of anti-ultraviolet, so long time under the uv HuiYing will not yellow, do not appear to use 30 years blanching. He introduced said, a lot of flowers in the Netherlands labor greenhouse adopted such sunshine board as a cover, a year four can cultivate the flowers of high moral character.

            If can improve the sunshine board etiolation error error, will impact on the greenhouse flowers labor must enhance the influence, and recently tzu chi people to appreciate, they are output in the sun flower growers pursues a kind of PC board, in addition to the greatest strength of the section Can, durable use, not yellow. Because much of the greenhouse cover material is made of glass or other heat preservation function of low material, so that the heat loss is equal in greenhouse, in order to keep the greenhouse flowers grows general damage of a small amount of power consumption demand, and the dynamic capital reserve, in the recent years promotion. Sunshine board manufacturer that makes its can give supply abundant sunlight greenhouse, supply the superior to the many low-level flower development premise, guarantee the animals to develop robust, coloratura plain and neat.