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            Industry news
            The characteristics of the canopy sunshine board?
            發布日期:2014-05-03 21:54    點擊:次日

            1, the transmission of light colorless bright sunshine board has high light transmittance, clarity will not landing. By using time coloring sunshine board can blocking the strongest sector in the sunlight, make through gentle light.

            Sunshine plate at the moment in the room first, community, office buildings and other places are using a lot of, it is a rare form of construction equipment, the use of the sunshine board awnings living masters of our lives has brought more convenience, at the same time also beautify the landscape.

            2, anti-ultraviolet function

            Sunshine board as outlined by the high-tech freedom of UV UV special technology, ensure product invariance of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This product is durable weather resistance, long life remains the optical function of product itself, is not easily affected by ultraviolet light to shine and rapid aging.


            4, sound insulation function Sunshine and endurance plate has excellent sound insulation function, highway preferred sound insulation materials in the world, and achieved excellent sound insulation.

            3, heat insulation function Sunshine board with hollow structure, based on heat insulation function is better than that of other solid materials greatly, so this product is a kind of economical power materials.

            5, flame retardant, flame-retardant sunshine board has excellent flame retardant function, to the world progress predecessors state several first fire experiments have made a high evaluation. Ruth multicolored sunshine board carport, you deserve to have!