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            Industry news
            PC board sunshine is your preferred material
            發布日期:2014-05-03 21:55    點擊:次日

            PC sunshine board of choice for a new generation of building materials. PC sunshine board, the other new building materials in the modern ornament a little use, with its founding waterside pavilion gazebo, house curtilage court house fell and generous, beautiful nature. Sunshine board with flame retardant, hunger, waterproof, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The primary use of complex, appearance beautiful, color is rich, and the price than other PC board at a low price. Greatly reduces the user ornament capital, promoted the bedroom pleasure and compensation of the poor of the existing ornament materials. Ornament materials had become with clothing, jewelry is not different; Word careful contact contact with fashion, tide, etc.

            Is only part of the various materials merchants quarterly launched new varieties has let a person can have no free time. Ornament materials of block; Already out of the original content required during complex ornament; Is now moving in the content they seek novelty, chasing the demand such as new and exotic location convenient block. Polycarbonate sheets this new material also is expounding and primary characteristics in modern residence ornament. PC endurance plate indirectly used to indoor partition board complex, natural; With the fine polished walls all the way; Can form a very special, novel built the consequences. Slowly; Sunshine board skilled use in decoration; Decorate. Become a new generation of the primary building materials.