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            Industry news
            PC endurance plate in the application in the field of archit
            發布日期:2014-05-03 21:55    點擊:次日

            PC endurance board has been as a light material and use in building lighting project, has been as a helper, building materials and the use of often used on the carport canopy, often used in the sports building lighting, such as family building is often used in the window on the canopy. In Japan, built a hypothetical architect, acceptance of endurance plate, the market fell house building main body material.

            Due to over there at the age of cloudy cloudy, so the imaginary residential building architect specially into a building full of light, creating awareness of a stable indoor weather, the local dynamic than force frequent, building needs a quiet, ring cover, the solid material, is on the roof of the house, the window, and so on board accept PC endurance. Imaginary housing support the two of them with light structure, double half bright polycarbonate panels, the inspiration comes from the farms around the greenhouses. When they open, can effectively capture the natural light and breeze into the space above them. Other a small room as a bathroom, full of light, very bright. A layer of the roof is also as a concept and rest platform, in the above can be gently looks at the scenery of the distance, PC endurance plate manufacturer said.