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            Industry news
            Endurance plate will be how to develop
            發布日期:2014-05-03 21:58    點擊:次日

            In the cash in the era of environmental protection building materials industry voice become louder, towards, high efficiency, environmental protection, green, low carbon as the core in the direction of the transformation and upgrading of the sniper become unmanageable. Daily life all know the role of the sunshine board production. How much do you know about how to effectively use ?. Don't go to the appropriate use of and endurance plate enterprise need to develop a new product, you need to make efforts to high-end, and try. Endurance plate

            Should the market development needs, and gradually improve the quality of our products, strictly control each production link. The innovation of the PC board work, in order to gain a foothold in building materials market competition is increasingly fierce. At the same time, the endurance plate manufacturers are hard to walk in the forefront of the innovation of building materials to build new quality. Endurance plate into mainland China for many years, and the market is saturated. But our domestic production technology level has been ascending will not come, marking time. This phenomenon is the sustainable development for an industry's nightmare.

            Now now, big and small PC endurance plate, uneven, more and more, promote technology, more and more fierce competition, and even the dealer also pretend to be manufacturers add price. Which prides itself on their own family good product quality, affordable, secretly shoddy, old when a new material. The onward march of this industry is more and more unbearable, into a vicious circle. Price war is just like kill each other, the end result can be self-destructive. Can actually survive and strive to innovation, focus on quality, feet on the ground. Only see immediate interests of the merchants, forever is no future, addled by their market is irreparable, when those not quality will be the price of merchants, and it is destined to take the consequences, this interest dream doomed sarcastically burst.