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            Industry news
            Sun plate has been applied to breeding in a shed
            發布日期:2014-05-03 21:58    點擊:次日

            PC sunshine board breeding shed clear understanding in the nature. We always met before PC sunshine board influence in greenhouses, but there is a lot of central is also can be used. More features, the breeding of a shed is also can be used. Let's take a look at first, the PC sunshine board whether the relevant properties.

            First, with impact resistant and weather resistance. Completely decided to shed sunlight plate use fixed number of year long;

            Second, sun board pervious to light, the relative development not farmed animals;

            Third, sun plate surface uv receiving layer, makes the relative sunshine board more flourish.

            Fourth, sunshine plate heat preservation, heat conduction, less in the summer to shed more energy efficient.

            From the on the sunshine board can completely as a shed roof material. Then all demand at the selected sunshine board use fixed number of year of the livelihood of long, first make sure it is necessary in sunny slope with anti ultraviolet co-extrusion coating, more important is price and brand fame warranty conditions. Also worth, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide is relative with a flame of fire heating, gas coming from carboniferous extinguished representation. To ensure that the sunshine board not be affected. New USES for sunshine board can is a power in the process of their growth, the expansion of the market is the first target of brand marketing means, sunshine board can be better on the brand marketing. More mining board, FRP mining plate in Shanghai super plastic technology co., LTD


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