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            Company news
            PC board application and economy analysis of sunshine
            发布日期:2014-05-03 21:28    点击:次日

            Sunshine board is a kind of poly carbonate resin as raw material, adopting extrusion molding in manufacturing engineering plastics plank, this process is called the sunshine board, PC board sunshine, Shanghai sunshine board, make the finished board referred to as the PC board.


            Poly carbonate cool pervious to light quality well, the plate for building lighting and agricultural greenhouse, so called the sunshine board. It as a kind of new type building materials in optical, thermal and mechanical properties were showed excellent properties.


            Super beautiful sunshine board in four categories: basic solid tablet, commonly known as the single layer board; Honeycomb lattice hollow, commonly known as a multilayer; Corrugated plate, commonly known as the wave plate, thin film. There are many kinds of the color of the sunshine board. Among them with transparent colorless, green, blue, light grey brown wait for color is dominant.


            Super beautiful sunshine board technical performance Sunshine board good pervious to light, material is qualitative light, strong impact resistance, heat insulation, weather resistance is strong, compared with the glass building decoration materials, has a certain advantage.


            The main characteristics of super beautiful sunshine board:


            Optical performance: through the experimental research shows that the double sun plate through shot than with glass.


            Mechanical properties: compared with the other light construction materials such as glass, Yang plate has the advantage that the material is qualitative light, intensity is high.


            Thermal performance: the thickness under the same conditions, the sunshine board than energy-saving glass, can effectively reduce building energy consumption.


            Strong weathering: sunshine board can adapt from cold to high temperature and all kinds of severe weather, can very good adaptation.