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            Company news
            PC board in the construction market popular reason analysis
            发布日期:2014-05-03 21:28    点击:次日

            PC sunshine board and carbonate vinegar plank, the speed of growth, the sunshine board as of the 21st century new materials, high strength, flexibility, resistance and self-cleaning performance is superior, and so on.


            PC sunshine plate with superior quality and widely reduce the building self-respect, improving the whole buildings in Europe and the United States is widely used in agricultural greenhouse polar body temperature USES a new type of building decoration and exhibition of resistance. Is the perfect greenhouse construction materials, so the PC sunshine board has been quickly in plant, aquaculture factory management and production medium construction market. In the international market sales volume by 20% year on year promotion value extremely.


            PC board after processing, can largely hold hail, such as bad weather. PC board insulation resistance, optimum optical sunshine sunshine board, in order to meet the domestic architectural decoration is good, can be arbitrary processing into a variety of modelling; Weight is good, can minimise the greenhouse internal energy market and the needs of the agriculture greenhouse. Only half as much as that of the same thickness of the glass can t consumption, reduce or revoke the winter heating, mouth sunshine board hit construction market


            By the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center testing, according to GB8624-1997 standards, products meet flame retardant B1 level combustion performance. Has passed the European Union RoHS, ISO9001:2008, GB/T 116-2012/8624-116, GA 422-2008, building materials CNAS and fire prevention, explosion proof and so on many countries and international certification. Is the country with the most advanced production technology and the company in the industry one of the most beautiful enterprise environment.

            Super beautiful PC board is widely used in modern commercial building inside and outside decoration, decoration, the greenhouse canopy, highways and city highway noise barriers, billboard advertising, advertising light boxes and display exhibition layout, which is one of the most ideal engineering plastics.