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            Company news
            The sunshine board light inlet window leakage problem soluti
            发布日期:2014-05-03 21:30    点击:次日

            At present, the building materials industry rapid development of new technology, rapid progress in technology, new material, new technology constantly emerging. The sunshine board, endurance board is the emergence of new building materials in recent years, it has high efficiency (86%) of glass daylighting, resistant to acid and alkali (weak base), shock (no debris), low coefficient of heat transfer and condensation prevention, can the advantages of cold bending, widely used in construction.


            Such as general electric locomotive wheel maintenance of cleaning library and library for the light steel structure plant, single and double span span (18 m and 24 m, respectively), the building area is 2896 m, cornice height of 10.2 m, slope roof drainage was 8%, in plant 18 m and 24 m across the roof, respectively set up five 18 x 1.5 x 1.5 m and 12 m sunshine board light inlet window, daylighting window covers an area of 225 m, sun plate joint length of 330 m, the following year 2, in March after consign is used


            Moreover is the snow melts, the sun plate light inlet window appeared a large leakage, seriously affected the normal use of the building. To this end, the author aiming at the problem of the workshop conducted a detailed analysis and test, solve the problem of the leakage of light inlet window.


            Design aspects of the physical properties of the sunshine board and glass, aluminum, difference is very big, the thermal expansion coefficient is about 7 times that of the common glass, causing the sun plate plate juncture between changes much more than common glass or aluminum. As 2 m long glass plate in the expected temperature changing is 80 ℃, juncture of 20 mm, the seams change is 8%, this kind of circumstance, choose 12.5 displacement capacity of the sealant can meet the requirements.




            Shanghai super li plastic technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in polymer Polycarbonate (PC) plate product research and development, production and sales, the introduction of Italy's most advanced UNION coextrusion equipment, its products using the world's leading corporate America (GE), Germany (BAYER), Japan (teijin) polymer engineering plastic PC (Polycarbonate) as raw materials, the introduction of production technology in Taiwan. All production line automation and microcomputer control, produced by the sun plate, endurance plate has high transparency, light weight, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, aging resistance, resistance to ultraviolet ray, also called safety glass or bulletproof glass, transparent steel laudatory name,