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            Company news
            Shanghai PC sunshine sunshine board specializing in the prod
            发布日期:2014-05-03 21:30    点击:次日

            Here is you to define the HTML content (slash) must be held at the front of the paint and device


            On the industrial, civil, and agricultural construction using hollow plate sunshine, describing function division should be based on the use of building material.

            Geography, climate, environment and user of daylighting, shading, heat insulation, flame retardant, antistatic, etc, specific requirements for material selection

            And describe, in the project area, the shape of the building material and basic layout concluded that, after the top is facing the layout and the layout of the contact

            Paint, on the basis of the plate thickness, width and length, concluded that support the layout of the cross section and the distance, judging the rationality of these parameters

            According to is safety, the use and beautiful.

            (a) PC hollow sun plate device and application

            Hollow sun plate device is: based on features of plank choose a means of professional skills, the sheet will be installed in building structure

            On. And satisfied with the fundamental demand of the function and quality of the building, you can directly to the material by layering is fixed on the frame.

            (2) device to points two kinds: device dry method and wet method, dry method

            The combination of the node is shown in figure 1. The so-called dry,

            That don't use the sealant. Because sometimes can send

            Raw plate expansion of the extension beyond the sealant

            Limited conditions and for the sake of aesthetic requirements, dry

            Type sealing strip compression system's strength is in

            Layering (aluminum) inside, make the plank

            When the swell and loading a move can move freely.


            Shall not use PVC sealing strip, due to the increase in soft PVC plasticizer migration to plate appearance, can make the crack plate appearance,

            And even the whole board damaged. Applicable sealing material is neoprene, or EPDM and so on, their hardness about shaw A65.

            Wet unit method

            This system first for small devices, such as the garage, station canopy, rain eaves, greenhouse and other many instead of the glass.

            Elected by the wet unit method, shown in figure 2, the following fundamental demand is to seal system can accept the plate will be quantitative move, agreed to expand from big and don't fall in with the cohesive force between the structure and the board. Usually introduce using neutral silicone rubber and hollow sunshine board of wet device, but want special attention, it is necessary to check the sealant used before using chemical, must not choose acidic and alkaline silicone rubber,

            Because when the curing agent will incur plank crack, unique

            Have internal stress, when choosing sealant, in addition to thinking

            Learn eligibility, point inspection, even degree and weather resistance

            Sex, etc.

            (3) the consolidation of the hollow sun plate marginal conditions

            No matter dry device is still wet device, regardless of the level of, straight type and skew gear. In the hollow sunshine board is very important in engineering marginal fastening, it is necessary to pay attention to the following two points: (see figure 3, figure 4)

            (1) in the connection profiles or in framed with slot sheet useful space so that it is necessary to set aside the swell and the load displacement. Hollow sun plate of linear expansion coefficient is 7 x 10-5 m/m.k, namely the temperature rise per 1 ℃, 1 m * 1 m plate along the length direction of the swell of 0.075 mm, the user must according to the engineering location points of the four seasons temperature difference, calculate the unit space data: such as the northern region, the highest temperature of 40 ℃, the lowest temperature was minus 30 ℃, 1 m * 1 m plate device space of 0.07 x 70 = 4.9 mm

            Sheet (2) are holding at least in part with a rib of the arrow, perhaps in plate marginal meshing part minimum 20 mm, the following figure


            Generally. Profiles of slot depth should always cover 20 mm mesh plus for expansion and deformation caused by loading the gap must be set aside.

            (4) hollow plate cold bending needs sunshine

            The biggest characteristic of hollow sun plate can be along the reinforcement cold bending into different radius of twists and turns in the direction of the arch, not only progress lighting area, with demand for building art portrayed many twists and turns. And advances the plank of load-bearing ability, general glass dust. The board promised to correct direction of winding, see below


            To prevent exposed at outside of the surface rupture, the winding radius shall not be less than the listed in the table below:


            Minimum radius = x 175 this is the limit radius, plate thickness of guaranteeing the value.

            * claims that radius control in the plate thickness of more than 200 times, which can better prevent the breakage of the plate.

            (5) hollow sun plate sealing ability

            Original tape sunshine board, sheet is only a temporary maintenance margin. It is not resistant to ageing, in plant engineering, according to the scale and cutting board, need to use after blanking device according to the procedures of requirements engineering special tape seal perforated plate end, exchange. The original tape device engineering special tape should have very good weather resistance, use for a long time without losing its caking property and mechanical strength, the unit operation, stick tape

            Should pay attention to the following points;

            (1) guaranteeing plate marginal is lubrication.

            (2) will all blow hole clean, compressed air is necessary without any impurities. Boring.

            (3) can use the profiles, metal plate, the end of the u-shaped slot was completely cover tape maintenance, installation is finished, shouldn't it be to reveal some.

            On device (4) to see the tape before the final shelf device have lost, found the damaged tape, must be replaced.

            (6) hollow sunshine board of health

            (1) it is necessary in less than 60 ℃ warm water wash wash.

            (2) use neutral detergent when cleaning, do not answer use detergent to sun plate corrosion.

            (3) demand with a soft cloth or a sponge neutral solution quietly wipe. Disable coarse, brushes, mops, and other strong, sharp things to clean.

            (4) when the grease on appearance, wet paint, tape mark the condition such as soft points available alcohol to wipe.

            (5) it is necessary to use water to clean the dirt completely washed clean.

            (6) the last use clean cloth to polish the surface dry, no significant water.

            Special attention:

            Shall not apply to the cleaner is alkaline solution, it will corrode board face. Disable ester, ketone, halogenated hydrocarbon

            All classes and can make the polycarbonate dissolve or swelling of the material.

            (7) hollow sun plate storage and transportation

            (1) to be kept indoors, never allows sunlight shone directly or the rain

            (2) the pile by hand, stacking height do not surpass 2 meters. Must not clog on the plate, plate between must not have hard objects.

            (3) storage room must insist on clean, dry and prevent dust intrusion. Indoor shouldn't check other chemicals together.

            (4) storage, is allowed to damage or remove the maintenance of membrane.

            (5) it necessary to flat on shipping area is greater than the plate clean flat tray, if you have any requirements should be properly tied down in order to prevent the sensation and sliding, pay attention to maintaining good edge is not damaged and double-sided maintenance membrane intact.

            (eight) hollow sun plate note

            (1) device, the construction organizer must will maintain the membrane printed text to clarify and note the understanding is clear, and to an operator to clarify, unique should pay attention to which facing out of specification. Do no wrong.

            (eight) hollow sun plate note

            (1) device, the construction organizer must will maintain the membrane printed text to clarify and note the understanding is clear, and to an operator to clarify, unique should pay attention to which facing out of specification. Do no wrong.

            (2) the device before, shall not remove the maintenance of membrane, only along the plate edge will maintain membrane have 50 mm or so, remove the membrane maintenance, immediately after the device if necessary ongoing maintenance panel, first remove the membrane, again from the beginning to cover maintenance membrane.

            (3) sealing materials of viscous material PC sunshine board without harm.

            (4) the seal belt should have excellent weather resistance, and in a long time should not lose viscosity and mechanical strength.

            (5) do not clean with alkali sanding or sunshine board, do not use hard brush brush appearance, avoid hair surface.