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            Company news
            PC board is Shanghai should be selected
            发布日期:2014-05-03 21:31    点击:次日

            Super beautiful PC board is a set design, production, installation as one of professional custom canopy industrial company. Is located in economic development zone - shenzhen, the company has a group of industry in the first-class high-quality design, production, installation personnel, including 3 designers (chief engineer in the canopy of Shanghai industry has 13 years, and the rest of the average age to 7 years), production and installation personnel nearly 120 people, after many years ago to form a company in Shanghai, has successfully completed many large government projects, because of superior quality and reasonable cost, service in place, the advantages of the fine workmanship, and well received by customers and praise, has become a famous enterprise in decoration industry in shenzhen area.

            Main: rain loose steel structure canopy endurance plate sun room, glass house, sun canopy steel structure canopy. Glass partition stainless steel security door. Stainless steel handrails. Stainless steel rail. Vitreous armrest rail. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows. Window of model steel door. Invisible defend the net and so on.

            With high quality products, fast speed and good service to customer satisfaction, is the aim of the super beautiful, strive for high quality is the goal of super beautiful canopy outstanding manufacturers. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life the super beautiful website or call consultation, negotiation build canopy.