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            Company news
            Two big treasure life endurance plate and sunshine
            发布日期:2014-05-03 21:31    点击:次日

            We know that Shanghai sunshine board and endurance plate in in our lives is a kind of new building materials. Learned from the PC sunshine board manufacturer, it is a new type of high quality, pervious to light, heat insulation building materials, good impact resistance, light, flame retardant, sound insulation, UV (only for UV coating endurance plate) and the advantages of good workability, high plasticity, are widely used in public, the daylighting of the civil building, block rain canopy, channel, ceiling, noise barriers, agricultural greenhouse, and the advertising industry, is currently the world's most ideal a light tent material, with modern architectural decoration industry is widely respected and favor sunshine board the price is cheaper.

            Endurance plate engineering installation openings on both ends of the plate sealing treatment is the key, endurance plate inside such as moisture, dust, insects or other substances, can affect the endurance plate of transparency, thermal insulation and delimit beautiful sex wear-resistant plate safe and reliable, is the best choice for security, suitable for large-scale application of endurance plate price is also very considerable. This plate can be transparent color or custom color according to customer requirements, both on the planar installation can also be used for micro surface application. (polycarbonate), belongs to thermoplastic engineering plastic, is to have the biggest impact strength of ductile plates. Endurance plate producers are now a large number of production endurance plate, because they know that their prospects for this product is very good.